Local Action Group

Cambridgeshire ACRE is the Accountable Body for the Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER Programme. This means Cambridgeshire ACRE is responsible for delivery of the programme on behalf of the Local Action Group (LAG), ensuring financial propriety and compliance is observed in its management and administration of the programme. Our role includes project development, project assessment, project monitoring and processing grants.

The LAG is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Local Development Strategy. The LAG considers and grants applications for financial support from projects and monitors the progress of the programme by examining the reports it receives on individual projects and on the LDS as a whole.

The local partnership, or LAG, must include partners from different sections of the local community: public sector, private sector and civil society (third sector), from the policy priority areas (e.g. farming) and from the Local Enterprise Partnership. No single interest group can have more than 49% of voting rights.

The LAG, as a decision making body, aims to be gender balanced and have a fair representation of the specific target groups addressed by the LDS, such as young people, ethnic minorities, disadvantaged people, vulnerable groups.

LAG members have the appropriate competencies and skills to generate and support development activity.

LAG meeting dates:

Funding Panel only 6th March 2017
4th April 2017
4th July 2017
3rd October 2017
16th January 2018
3rd April 2018
3rd July 2018
2nd October 2018
15th January 2019
9th April 2019



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