LEADER Measures

LEADER Measures are the programmes which fit with the overall LEADER priorities.

The following LEADER measures are applicable to the Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER programme:

4.1 Support for investments in agricultural holdings

4.2 Support for investments in processing/marketing and/or development of agricultural products

4.3 Support for investments related to development, modernisation or adaptation of agriculture and forestry

6.4 Support for investments on creation and development of non-agricultural activities

7.2 Support for investments in renewables infrastructure

7.4 Support for local basic services

7.5 Support for investment for public use in recreational infrastructure, tourist information and small scale tourism infrastructure

7.6 Support for maintenance, restoration and upgrading of the cultural and natural heritage

To view the individual measures, what they can and cannot support, which costs are eligible and which are ineligible click on each measure below:

Examples of support – Measure 4.1 (a) (b) 4.2 and 4.3

Examples of support – Measure 6.4

Examples of support – Measure 6.4 & 7.5

Examples of support – Measure 7.2 & 7.4

Examples of support – Measure 7.6

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