Grant achieved – Bringing Chatteris Museum into 21st Century

This project will breathe new life into the museum – bringing it technologically up-to-date. The entrance area display screen will be useful for communicating information to the public, in order to effectively inform visitors of events, exhibits and special events.The new interactive screen will show a range of information relevant to our current displays/exhibitions and about Chatteris and the local area – enhancing the experience for visitors.  ‘Having ‘old’ displays/exhibitions alongside ‘new’ technology means we can tie the two in together and demonstrate that museums are not ‘old stuffy places’ but innovative and exciting places.’ Sally Shortland, museum treasurer and successful achiever of LEADER grant.

photo of entrance area

The museum will be a fun place where adults and children alike will enjoy spending time together and we would expect an increase in numbers attending.  At the moment the museum does not charge for entry but relies on voluntary donations for support.

photo of large interactive screen


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