Prince Charles spent time talking with Cambridgeshire Fens LEADER during his visit to Fenland

Prince Charles was led into St Peter’s and St Paul’s church, Wisbech to learn about some of the area’s key voluntary organisations, charities and projects, including the economic development programme LEADER.

MC at stand

There was a display of a range of locally grown varieties of pumpkin, squash and sweetcorn  donated from Robert Stacey of Freshfields Farm, who has benefited from receiving a LEADER grant.

His Royal Highness spoke with those involved with Cambridgeshire Acre, LEADER group showing a particular interest in water and soil management. During the conversation with Martin Collison, Local Action Group chair, Prince Charles commented that soil and water management has important environmental significance for areas like the Fens. He was interested in the projects that had supported these areas of significance.

HRH Prince Charles 070

Photo by Adam Fairbrother

Kieran Carr of Cambridgeshire Acre said: “Leader adopts a bottom up approach using local people to make decisions on the grant funding agreements based on local need, and give people a say in decisions. This is something that Prince Charles particularly supported.”


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